Don Evans Don Evans, guitarist, vocalist and recording engineer, has had an incredible career performing and recording with some of the "who's who" in rock'n'roll. Currently living in the Philadelphia area, he continues to perform with a wide variety of musicians in addition to working on his own projects. His eclectic background and years of experience makes Don Evans a unique find amongst the Philadelphia music scene and his creative approach to roots and popular music sets him apart from other guitarists in the area.
Originally from northern New Jersey, Don became interested in music at an early age after listening to classical music at home and then Pop, R&B, and Country on the radio. Don grew up singing in various choirs and playing both trumpet and piano before becoming enthralled with the possibilities of electric guitar. As a teenager, Don began teaching himself guitar and quickly formed a band playing Blues, Surf, and Rock inspired by popular music. Throughout the 1960s, Don participated in various bands, including a Beatles cover band, "The Banned," and played on a number of studio sessions in New York City with "The Tradewinds," who had a minor hit with "New York's A Lonely Town When You're The Only Surfer Boy Around." the Banned

In 1970, Don moved to LA to work with "The Tradewinds" at Family Productions, a company started by the owner of Kama Sutra Records, Artie Ripp, who had produced the Lovin' Spoonful, Melanie, and many others. Between 1970 and 1971, Don worked for Family Productions and ended up recording on Cold Spring Harbor with Billy Joel in addition to a number of other projects.

In 1973, Don was offered a job touring with Billy Joel and preceded to spend three years on and off the road with him. During this time, he recorded Street Life Serenade, worked on pre-production for Joel's next album, and played sessions with various musicians in LA. When Joel decided to return to New York in 1976, Don opted to stay on the West Coast and began working with singer-songwriter Dirk Hamilton. In addition to touring with Dirk, Don recorded three albums and acted as co-producer and engineer on Meet Me At The Crux and Thug of Love.

While recording and acting as a producer and engineer in Venice, CA, Don started a weekly Blues Jam along with musicians, some of whom went on to play with John Hiatt, Bonnie Raitt, and Neil Young. By 1982, Evans began touring with Eric Burdon throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. He and Burdon co-wrote the single, "The Night," which was the Animals' single, released when Eric joined their reunion in 1983.

Don and Eric Burdon in Lorelei Germany '82
Don at Granny's House Recording Studio Following a few years of gigging with the bassist and drummer of Burdon's band and singer Teresa James, Don moved to Reno, NV to become the chief engineer at Granny's House recording studios. This opportunity led to his working with Kim Wilson, Ronnie James Dio, Whitesnake, Toad the Wet Sproket, Gerald Alston, The Byrds, Dave Mason, and many others. Between 1992 and 2000, Don developed a musical partnership with bass player and vocalist, LJ Lawrence, working in casinos and playing festivals throughout the Western United States.

After deciding to return to southern New Jersey in 2000, Don established himself as a staple member of the Philadelphia blues scene, working with Carol Moog, the Blues Mercenaries, Georgie Bonds, Vikki Austin, Big Leroy Foster, Fred Hall, and Chappy Washington, among others. Aside from working locally, Don rekindled a working relationship with Dirk Hamilton and has toured annually throughout Italy, recorded a live album in Italy, Relative Health of Your Horse Outside (2003), and has recorded and co-produced The Ghost of Van Gogh (2007).

Don in Italy with Dirk Hamilton
Currently, Don works with various bands throughout the Philadelphia area, has recently finished recording Dirk Hamilton's latest album, and an Internet-based album with bassist Lenny Fatigati. While he enjoys performing with a wide variety of groups, Don leads the Don Evans Band, focusing on blues, soul, rock, and R&B, which originally inspired him to play. He has begun pre-production work on a new album and has performed as the Don Evans band at the State Street Blues Stroll in Media, Warmdaddy's, and Joseph's Grille, among others.

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